“When I starting out as a driver I didn’t have enough money to race and every time I tried to race they were asking me if I had a ‘sponsor’. This word obsessed me for years and that’s why I got addicted to motorsport marketing and communication: I wanted to give others the opportunity I never had. I changed my dream, not my passion.”
A. Roca

Why do we exist?

Business dynamics have evolved in motorsport as well as in other areas, but not everyone has the necessary skills to know how to make the most of them. PETROLHEAD ITALIA aims to be a support for drivers, teams, sponsors, circuits and promoters for all aspects related to Marketing and Communication.

About us

Two young professionals who fled from consulting companies and design studios to follow their passion. We live and breathe motorsport and this is the reason we started a Marketing and Communication agency specializing in 360-degree motorsport.


Alessandro Roca

“Some say he was born in the pit-lane, but all we know is that
he’s the marketing expert and press officer”

He has a journalistic background, a degree in Economics and Business Management specializing in Marketing, and a master’s degree in Motorsport Management, all earned at the LUISS Business School in Rome.


Carola Mauro

“Some say she is the beautiful reincarnation of Sergio Pininfarina, all we know is that she’s the graphic and creative director”

She is a car designer, 3D modeler and graphic designer with a degree in Industrial Design. In a predominantly male environment, her feminine aesthetic sense is what is needed.

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