Alex Irlando chooses Petrolhead Italia as marketing & communication partner

Alex irlando joins Petrolhead Italia

Talented 17-year-old kart driver Alex Irlando has signed an agreement with the Roman-based marketing & communication agency Petrolhead Italia. Son of a hillclimb pilot, Alex gets into a kart for the first time when he was two and a half years old and he started racing in 2007. After winning the 2015 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in the Senior … Read More

Profit from motorsport – The role of the press officer

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Communication: what does the press officer do? One thing is for sure, even if not everyone gets it: marketing and communication are complementary, but they are two different things! Marketing, as we have seen in the previous article, studies the market and the products / services that should be offered while the communication team, particularly the press officer, has the … Read More

Profit from motorsport – What is marketing?

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Let’s clarify the point: what (really) is marketing? It’s plenty of people speaking about marketing out there, but not all of them are real marketers. So here is a short guide to understand what marketing is and more specifically, what motorsport marketing is. First of all, here is the marketing definition by the American Marketing Association: “Marketing is the activity, … Read More

A new concept of motorsport marketing

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Everything changes, but not the passion. Here Alessandro Roca is speaking, founder of Petrolhead Italia since that February 1st 2015. At that time, me and my friend Max decided to create a blog to give voice to our passion for automotive and motorsport. A deep passion, but never too mainstream. Our lifes took different paths, but fortunately the mine remains … Read More