Bitter third round of the FIA Karting OK European Championship in Sweden for Alex Irlando, pushed out of the race at the first corner.

Sometimes it happens, it’s racing: Alex Irlando goes through a tough weekend at the Kristianstad Karting Klubb in Sweden. It starts with qualifying: 42nd because of a low performing set of tyres that changes the feeling with the kart.

Battling in the middle of the group is never easy, but throughout the heats Alex finds his way for the final, grabbing the 32nd position. As the lights shut down, Alex is pushed out of the race because of a contact and his race finishes too early.

“There is not much to say unfortunately, it has been a very hard weekend. The qualifying put me in a bad situation, starting every heat from the middle of the pack. This weekend costs a lot for the overall classification, but the good news is that we’re always improving our material and growing as a team, race after race. I’m looking forward the 2nd round of ACI Karting Italian Championship in Siena, I hope it will be a good one!”

Here are the result of the weekend.

Alex will return on his KZ this weekend to contest the second round of the ACI Karting Italian Championship.

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