Disappointing Winter Cup for Alex Irlando: even this year the Locorotondo’s driver did not finish the race because of an accident.

The Winter Cup seems to be bewitched for the former World Champ Alex Irlando. The Apulian driver started the fight against other 97 drivers posting the 19th time in qualifying, just 2 tenths of second far from the leader.

Throughout the heats Alex was 5th, 8th, 5th, 10th and 8th gaining one position overall before the superheat. In the penultimate race of the weekend, Alex was not able to improve his overall position, so he started the final on grid 18th.

During the final race Alex was recovering positions running on P11, but, in the fast right-hand corner after the finishing line, one driver lost some water from the radiator and a few drivers lost the control of their karts. Alex was one of those. Fortunately Alex wasn’t hurt, but it could have been worse. The race has been under full yellow for a few laps, giving the marshals the possibility to recover the drivers involved in the accident.

“Another year with a DNF at the Winter Cup and also this year it wasn’t my fault. Thanks God I’m ok and I didn’t get hurt, but it has been a scary accident though! We were in the fastest corner of the track and we found a very slippery track. We couldn’t’ avoid the crash! Anyway, it’s over, now focus on the next event.”

Here are the results of the race.

Alex will take part to the second round of the WSK Super Master Series again at South Garda Karting this weekend. Here is the program of the weekend.

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