It will be the final race weekend of 2023 for the Eagle-1 team, with Alessandro Morosi in Valencia to conclude the season on a high note.

A final commitment for the Eagle-1 team, ready to put the finishing touch on its historic first season in the Junior GP category. A 2023 filled with great emotions for Max Gazzaratta’s team, starting from the initial seasonal tests and the launch of the Eagle-1 project, all the way to the actual start of the season and the first starting grid of the year. A long journey that has made the team, represented on track by Alessandro Morosi, even more motivated for an exciting 2024.


Over the weekend, Morosi will return to Valencia, which was already the location of the second race of the season’s calendar and now serves as a fitting conclusion (in MotoGP format) to a successful and competitive first year. The Spanish circuit is not an easy one, always capable of challenging even the most experienced riders. The test and free practice sessions will be useful in this regard for the entire team, leveraging the data collected several months ago.


After the free practice, it will be time for qualifications, scheduled for Saturday, November 4th, with Q1 at 12:45 and Q2 at 02:40pm. Sunday, November 5th, will be the grand finale with Race 1 at 11:00 and Race 2 at 02:00pm, both visible on the FIM Junior GP channels and the Sky Sport MotoGP YouTube channel.


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