On the Franciacorta circuit again good steady growth for AKM Motosport driver Remigiusz Samczyk.

A finally sunny weekend allowed the Polish driver to show off in the OK Junior battles, gaining positions and growing further in the new category.

Qualifying did not prove easy for Remek who, however, did not lose hope on Friday and managed to put a positive spin on a race weekend. So many heats and so much room for growth for the category rookie. Right from the first heat, Samczyk was able to manage the starting phases by taking advantage of overtaking and creating a good race rhythm.

Five heats where Remek always and constantly recovered positions, a good 36 from the first to the last heat, finishing in P21 (7 improved positions), P18 (10 improved positions), P19 (9 improved positions), P25 (3 improved positions) and P21 (7 improved positions). A positive streak also extended by Sunday morning’s Pre-final, which the Polish driver finished in P20 with a further twelve positions improved.

Important numbers that after a more optimal qualifying would certainly have allowed Samczyk to easily qualify for the final of his category. In any case, the good performance is a sign of clear growth that will continue at Sarno next week.

Remek would like to thank his entire team for their great work together, his mechanic, IAME, Natalia and all the people who support him and his sponsors.


Foto: Sportinphoto
Remigiusz Samczyk Press Office
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Remigiusz Samczyk

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