The KZ2 World Cup weekend provided indelible emotions. With his second place in the final at Le Mans, Cristian Bertuca is Vice-World Champion.

What has just passed was certainly a weekend that Cristian and all those present will not easily forget. A first World Championship in the premier class which, as said on the eve of the race, would in any case have represented a milestone in the sporting career of the Birel Art driver. Closing on Sunday as Vice-World Champion made everything definitely magical.

The feeling with the circuit and his vehicle was never in question, thanks above all to the ad hoc preparation for the event and the growing experience in the category, especially in the FIA European Championship. Friday’s qualifying then launched Bertuca definitively into the world dimension, a session managed at its best and the fastest lap valid for pole position in Group E, fifth overall. An important first step in view of the toughest and most demanding heat programme of the entire season.

As many as seven heats between Friday and Saturday evening with the inclusion of the “night” batteries to be administered calmly. The same calm that allowed Cristian not to make mistakes and to manage the difficult situations, collecting two victories, two third positions, a second, fifth and sixth place, all valid to complete the programme with a fourth place overall, second for the Super Heat on Sunday morning.

Sunday was a decisive day with the moment of truth in the final ever closer. On the strength of the great race pace expressed and of the full confidence with his Birel Art, the “Cannibal” tackled at best the important and delicate Super Heat (decisive for the starting grid of the final), managing to win it sealing fourth place for the starting grid of the KZ2 World Final.

The last act of a weekend faced as a veteran by Bertuca, who was fully concentrated in the stages before the start and even more so once the visor was lowered. After the first lap Cristian was immediately able to go on the attack for second place, trying to create a gap to run away. Mission almost entirely successful with a lonely race, constant but firmly on the rainbow podium, until the final laps lived all in apnea. It was a three-way battle for the Birel Art driver, settled by his rivals in third and fourth position and good at defending himself perfectly until the last bends, then crossing the finish line as KZ2 World Vice-Champion.

Indescribable emotions for Cristian Bertuca and all the Birel Art men under the podium. A journey that started from afar with the Lissone team, from the first steps taken in EasyKart up to the most important international competition, always with the same colours.

C.Bertuca: “This is indescribable. Vice World Champion at the first World Championship in KZ2, it is a dream, but above all the fruit of so much work done together with the great Birel Art family, whom I thank enormously. We found the right feeling right from the start and from that moment on I knew that without mistakes I could fight for the best positions. The final was very difficult, especially in the last phase, but I gave it my all. I would like to thank Viti Racing, TM Engines, Ronni Sala for this great opportunity, Riccardo Longhi, Luciano my mechanic, everyone who followed and supported me on the track and at home, my friends and above all my family!”

Photo: Motorsporpictures M.Perrucca / M.Segato

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