Lenn Nijs also ended the Rodby round of the FIA European Karting OK Senior Championship in Denmark.

Bittersweet weekend for the Belgian driver, who was fast over the weekend but unlucky on the day of the final. The Kart Republic driver, after the preparation race (Champions Of The Future) took part in the Rodby round with the knowledge that he could do well.

Despite a not easy track, in qualifying Lenn had finished with the fifth fastest time in Group D. During the heats, the good race pace he showed led him to always finish fighting and recovering between tenth and eighth position.

The key moment of the weekend was the unfortunate retirement in the Super Heat which, in fact, jeopardised a deserved entry into the OK Senior European final by just a few points. A result that obviously does not satisfy Lenn Nijs, but which nevertheless does not cancel out the good things done at Rodby, with the second half of the season in mind.


Photo: Sportinphoto

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Lenn Nijs 

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