The Belgian driver put the first race of the FIA Karting European Championship in the OK Senior category on the Spanish circuit of Valencia.

An important race for Lenn Nijs’s season, which also officially began in the international sphere with the first FIA Karting event.
On the Valencia Kartodrome, Lenn Nijs put into practice all the experience he had gained in the two previous preparation rounds, putting together a weekend of good speed that lacked a bit of luck.

The sixth place in Group D at the end of the first qualifying session had given the Kart Republic driver high hopes, and he was ready to do his best during the scheduled heats. A lot of fights in the middle of the group in which Lenn had to disentangle himself and then recover as many positions as possible, always finishing close to the top ten including a good ninth overall.

The excellent Super Heat on Sunday morning (three more positions recovered) then allowed the Belgian driver to qualify for the first OK Senior final of his season. A complicated and unlucky final closed with a ten-second penalty that prevented Lenn from finishing higher in the final.

In any case, the good speed demonstrated bodes well for the driver for the next races, which he will prepare for with the scheduled test sessions together with his team.

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Photo: Fotocar13


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