Luca Bosco, official Mercedes-AMG GT4 driver with Selleslagh Racing Team, will be at the Misano Circuit more fierce than ever.

Press Release – 20th June 2022

Coming back from a race where the driver touched the high spots of the technical Paul Ricard track more than once, Luca is ready to tackle the Misano World Circuit dedicated to Marco Simoncelli. The Italian circuit will have to be managed at its best to aim for success, a quality that Luca has repeatedly demonstrated during all the stages of the GT4 calendar, qualities and performances that attracted the attention of Mudra SpA, Luca’s new sponsor, who has chosen to believe in the driver, starting right from Misano.

Luca, in fact, will be an integral part of the “Mudra Interaction Field”, a futuristic approach to business that is expected to make the news very soon. In addition to the classic branding of Luca’s Mercedes-AMG GT4, Mudra will be present at the competition, bringing to the paddock another important player in the interaction field: Paperpixels. This new and talented player in the field of future entertainment.

Thus, Mudra comes into the light with a tangible result. It is the first company in the world to change the rules of business by focusing on the strength of intangible assets and sharing the business risk with the customer. Mudra has opted for a revenue model based on business outcome that aims to become a benchmark in the management consulting market.

Luca Bosco: I am really happy! Misano will be a fundamental stage for the whole championship. It is a hard and fast track and it will be all about speed, performance and my technical commitment. Moreover, I will be the official testimonial of Mudra, which has created a real event for the occasion that will involve both the motorsport and business worlds. I can’t wait to try out the simulators that Mudra and Paperpixels will present to our guests”

Carlotta Silvestrini: All revolutionary ideas are met with skepticism. That is why we have chosen to create Mudra behind the scenes, bringing the model into the light of day only once it has been perfected and made concrete. Our case histories will all be like this one, they will have to be experienced for real in order to touch the power of intangible assets and the interaction field approach. Misano will be the perfect opportunity to show the world Mudra, but also the extraordinary entities that make it up: our people and our partners”.

Mudra SpA
It is the first entity in the world to focus on intangible assets, taking the form of an ‘Interaction Field Company’, where all entities within it benefit from the value generated by interactions, rather than transactions. The business outcome-based revenue model marks the end of the old way of doing management consulting, where it is rare to find a real commitment from advisors to support the client. Mudra can only profit if it plays its role to the best of its ability.

Luca Bosco
A young and promising talent in the motorsport scene, Luca Bosco has been selected by Mudra as a testimonial for events based on the futuristic ‘Interaction Field’. The Italian-French driver has been world champion Karting several times. Today he races in the GT4 European Series under the colors of the Mercedes-AMG  SRT Racing Team.

GT4 European Series
The GT4 European Series is a perfect steppingstone to GT3 for talented young drivers, competing on some of Europe’s best circuits. Drawing on nearly 30 years of experience, including over a decade with GT4 cars, SRO conducts the Balance of Performance (BoP) of the GT4 European Series to ensure fair challenges for all brands involved in the championship.

Misano World Circuit – GT4 European Series – Mudra Interaction Field

from Thursday 30 June 2022 to Sunday 3 July 2022.

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