Everything changes, but not the passion.

Here Alessandro Roca is speaking, founder of Petrolhead Italia since that February 1st 2015. At that time, me and my friend Max decided to create a blog to give voice to our passion for automotive and motorsport. A deep passion, but never too mainstream.

Our lifes took different paths, but fortunately the mine remains where someone is racing. Here I noticed the lack of a real marketing approach to racing environment: motorsport is a business, why it shouldn’t be treated as such? Talking about market segmentation and branding for the motorsport is not a mistake or something ‘excessive’, it should be the rule.

Petrolhead Italia aims to be a support for drivers, teams, sponsors, circuits and promoters for all aspects related to Marketing and Communication. In this blog I’ll post articles that will underline the importance of the marketing for the motorsport, both two and four wheels.

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Stay tuned, #StayRacing.


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