The weekend in Bahrain saw the young Estonian driver emerge as the absolute star of the Rotax Grand Finals in the Mini-Max category, securing the second position and the title of Vice-Champion.

It was an incredible weekend for the Estonian driver, displaying a ride reminiscent of a seasoned veteran in a category embraced this season. Nikita’s experience and determination on the Bahrain track were crucial ingredients in making a difference, especially considering that in 2020, he had earned the title of Champion in the Micro Max category.

Following the free practices in the week and the days leading up to the final phase of the competition, Nikita, along with his team and mechanic, worked in the right direction to be well-prepared and have a good feel for the timed sessions. During the qualifications, after a minor strategic mistake in qualifying, where Nik had to make three overtakes on a fastest lap and secured only the 22nd place overall, the Estonian driver managed to secure the sixth position in group B. Nevertheless, it was a favorable starting position, and the upcoming races promised to be challenging. However, It was a good starting position, but it compelled the Talvar Racing and Bouvin Power driver to make up ground right from the first heat.

A task that Nikita accomplished immediately in the first heat by gaining nine positions and finishing third. In the other two heats, he made significant comebacks, achieving seventh positions in both instances, with four positions gained each time. Thanks to three perfect heats, Nikita started the Prefinal A in fifth place showing an impressive race pace and unwavering determination, he emerged victorious in the Prefinal, securing the fourth starting position for the final despite intense battles!

The ultimate showdown on Saturday, December 9, kept everyone on the edge of their seats. The grand event in the Mini-Max category delivered intense emotions with Nikita Ljubimov as the protagonist, more competitive than ever. A lengthy battle in the top positions for the Estonian driver, now familiar with the Bahrain layout. Nikita managed to handle the pressure, ultimately securing the second position in the category, with only a +0.048sec gap from the first place, and another title of Rotax Grand Finals World Champion.

Nikita Ljubimov: It was really cool! I liked it. It was a fantastic race experience. But of course I always race only to win first place, so now there is a feeling of something unfinished. (The job is not yet done!) Not completed for all 100%. I hope that we will still be able to visit this track in Bahrain someday and the grands finals as well. I really love this track. It is very technical and fast. I really enjoy driving under artificial light. It is amazing! Special thanks to my mechanic and my parents for being with me in difficult moments and all the fans, friends and Rotax people, you’re fantastic guys!


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