At the LaitseRallyPark circuit, Nikita Ljubimov managed to dominate both the MiniMax and Mini 60 categories with a double victory.

After recent race weekends in Belgium, this time it was a home race weekend for the Talvar Racing team driver, who took part in both categories and maximised his result.

Race conditions were not easy for Nikita, also due to a less than perfect physical condition brought on by a fever, which, however, did not stop the Estonian driver, charging him even more.

In official qualifying, Ljubimov had taken pole position in the MiniMax category and the second best time in the Mini60. Two very good starting positions for the heats, which as always were hard-fought, especially in the Mini60 heat, where after a difficult start, Nikita was able to recover from fourth position and finish in P2. In the MiniMax heat, on the other hand, he took the win straight away.

In Saturday’s races, Nikita started with a comeback from last place in the MiniMax (due to a disqualification) by moving up to first and winning the first race of the day.
The Mini 60 final was even more hard-fought thanks to the good number of entrants and the high level of competitiveness. The fight and competitiveness shown was excellent, and they won by over a second, taking a double victory in both categories!

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