The new Petrolhead Communication season is about to begin. The first news of the year starts today with our starter packs!

It’s been a few months since the big change that brought Petrolhead a new face and a new management. In these first months of contact with this new reality, we have crossed different borders, different businesses and new scenarios as always related to motorsport. We would like to thank those who have continued to support the project and also the newcomers: thank you!

For 2021, our intention is to start again in style, continuing to improve in motor racing, motorcycling, simulation and more. As we have always maintained, serious, professional and 360° communication is one of the most important elements of motorsport today and, above all, of all the business that comes with it, including sponsors, collaborations and opportunities that can be created. Given the circumstances, we are therefore going to present one of the absolute novelties of 2021: our packages!

 You will be able to build your image by choosing one of the following “working methods”. A real customisation according to your needs. 


– PR and Press Office
Press releases throughout the season, handling internal relations with sponsors and local and international media presence.

– Content management and creation and social media
Management or creation of official social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin). A staple of new motorsport and a real cornerstone of modern communication. Being properly present on social networks with posts, updates, news and more is now a minimum requirement for teams and drivers.

– Corporate identity and helmet design
Thanks to the collaboration of our graphic designer and driver F.Bossetti, it will also be possible to create or renew the corporate and personal identity with logos and special liveries (helmet etc).

A package designed to encompass all our main options so as to manage every aspect.

– Reserved for four-wheelers

  Full press office + photo service

For drivers and teams in the four-wheel sector, we also offer the most complete package of all, with a press office and social network management service, together with a seasonal photo shoot (equally essential), with the collaboration of the internationally experienced photographer M. Perrucca.


For all the detailed information we invite you to visit our official social network channels and above all to write to us:


Petrolhead Communication

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