The new Petrolhead Communication season has finally begun. Amongst the novelties of 2022, we officially present our ‘Season Pack’.

Last season was a season of great change for Petrolhead, with a new face and new management on various race fields. In our first real year spent on the track and in close contact with this new reality, we are happy to confirm that our commitment has crossed different borders and new scenarios, as always linked to motorsport and communication. It has been an important 2021 and before we focus fully on 2022, we would like to thank those who have continued to support the project and also the newcomers: thank you!

The new year has started with the great intention and primary goal of starting in style, continuing to work and improve in motorsport, motorcycling, brands, companies in the sector and much more. As we have always maintained, serious, professional, complete and dynamic communication is one of the most important elements in motorsport today, especially for all the business that comes with it, including sponsors, collaborations and opportunities that can be created as a result. Under these circumstances, we are therefore presenting an update of one of the absolute novelties already present and being redesigned for 2022: our packages.

You will be able to build your image in motorsport by choosing one of the following “working methods”. A real customization according to your needs.

– PR and Press Office
Press releases throughout the season, handling internal relations with sponsors and local and international media presence.

– Content management and creation and social media
Management or creation of official social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin). A staple of new motorsport and a real cornerstone of modern communication. Being properly present on social networks with posts, updates, news and content is now a minimum requirement for teams and drivers.

– Website, creation and PR
An important part of a good communication strategy is your own website. The ability to create and manage a website from scratch (including press releases, race calendar, photos, sponsor space, etc.) is one more piece in the Petrolhead Communication portfolio.

A package designed to encompass all of our core options so that every aspect is taken care of in detail.

For all the detailed information we invite you to visit our website and above all to write to us, requesting your free quote.

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Staff – Petrolhead Communication

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