The Roman agency was appointed by BER Racing Europe as partner to manage the Arai Factory Rider & Arai Factory Driver sponsorship programs.

The season 2018 is not quite finished yet, but Petrolhead Italia has the near future already in mind: alongside the commitment in the UAE supporting Driving Force Events in promoting the Gulf Sportscar Championship and the Gulf 12 Hours, the Italian marketing agency binds with another important name in the world’s motoring scene: Arai Helmet.

The Japanese firm supports the growth of young talents in both 4-wheel and 2-wheel competitions through the Factory Rider and Factory Driver programs, that aim to promote the brand Arai giving drivers and riders a special discount on products and the full technical assistance during the season. BER Racing Europe, Arai importer for Italy, Spain, Portugal and Andorra, chose Petrolhead Italia as partner to manage and promote these programs for the forthcoming season.

“Needless to say how happy we are to start a collaboration with such an important brand like Arai, a real pillar in the world’s motoring environment – comments Alessandro Roca, Petrolhead Italia owner – The aim for this year is to wide these programs that in the last years have been underestimated. Arai’s family wants to offer a premium service up to its products, for this reason it wants to be as close as possible to its drivers and riders supporting them economically and technically with a proper 360° assistance.”

For info about the Factory Rider and Factory Driver sponsorship programs send an e-mail to

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